A chance to own a Tsar

A floor rug is one of those accessories that can sometimes be overlooked and is often used as functional piece in a room. However a large floor rug can be a real feature in a room and due to their size have more impact that wall art in some cases. For

Splashes of Spring

Spring is certainly here is Australia and the weather is making me want to shake things up at home. I have been re-arranging furniture and even selling a few things on ebay. All of this makes room for one or two new pieces that I can now bring in for

Watch this space transform!

My client Frank, a young single professional has recently moved in to this apartment in an inner-city suburb of Melbourne. As you can see from these photos, Frank's new home is in desperate need of a style makeover! After our initial consult where Frank was given the SILK Style Diagnostic

Amazing Turn Around

This beautiful property had some great features and a perfect fit for a small family.  I visited this well loved home to meet one of the owners, a working mother of three very small children.  After completing the Staging Inspection I knew that some small changes could make a huge

Excellent Advice

The block is drawing to an end and the challenge last Thursday night produced one of the best prizes to date, a lunch with John McGrath from McGrath Real Estate.  Rod and Tania were the lucky winners and as John went through each of the rooms in their home he

Fantastic Fabrics

SILK’s blog today features an interview with Paluma Print, check out ther great work of Paluma Print below. Tell me about Paluma? Paluma Print produces original hand printed textile designs using re-usable hand cut stencils and non toxic water based inks. The studio is located on the Redcliffe Peninsula, on the shores

Be Inspired

Today I was sitting in my office looking at the beautiful 'standard flowering cherry blossom' that has shed its last leaf and formed the buds that will soon turn into beautiful blossoms.  I found myself thinking of all the great things I could use photographs of the such a beautiful

The Block 2011 Room 2 Revealed

Have you all been busily watching the block? Two nights ago the second room was revealed and there are certainly some different design and styling concepts among the contestants.  The novice pair of Poly and Woz have gone for the a memorabilia rock and roll touch, but have also included

Coffee Cozies

Today is a truly magnificent winter day in Newcastle, the sun is shining and the sky is clear.  As the sun begins to lower in the sky I can feel the chill start to creep in.  A perfect time to grab a beanie, scarf, gloves and head to the beach

Warm up your winter

The winter has certainly set in here in Newcastle now.  There are some chilly nights and beautiful clear days.  The cold is no reason for us to all go running for the comfort of the lounge, when we can still enjoy the beauty of our wonderful outdoor spaces with the