Graceful Graphite

These magnificent pieces of art by Melinda Avery are ones that you really need to view live.  It is amazing!  As I walked around Melinda Avery’s last exhibition ‘Josiah’ , with each step I took a new element of each piece revealed itself as the light danced off the gunmetal

Great Linen Sale – Aura

Whilst trying hard to focus and get some work done, I keep being drawn back to the Aura Home Sale webpage . I can’t help but cruise through the pages of fantastic linen, look at the great prices and convince myself that there would be room for

Light up spaces with great coloured lamps.

We all know how important lighting is when styling a space, lighting helps with function, mood and tone to name a few things.  The mainstream commercial outlets have some beautiful lamps on the market at the moment, but here is something different - The colourful and vibrant Lulu’s Lamps. Not only