Green love

Green is an emotional colour - it is calming, healthy, fresh and positive. It is a very natural colour and can be botanical, sometimes oriental, and royal. Green always brings life into a space whether it be through application or styling. Every space needs a little green, even if it is

How To Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

Do you have a small room that you wish was bigger, but you're stuck with what you have? Don't worry, making small spaces feel bigger can be done with a few easy tips. Check out the video below to learn more. Cheers, Naomi

Silk’s Top 20 Instagram Rooms.

As we have recently entered 2016 it is always good to reflect on the previous year, be it the highs and lows, successes and fails. We do this for many reasons, but usually it is to learn from our mistakes and recreate and better our wins. Social media plays a major

Silk Home, Twist on a Teenage Boys Bedroom

A beautiful apartment in the centre of the city, our clients, an older professional couple who have decorated their home in a French provincial/Hamptons style. Their grandson had come to live with them to study at university. The room their teenage grandson was moving into featured a white French provincial bedhead

Fuchsia love

Fuchsia, the sophisticated alternative between pale and hot pink. A bright pink with a deep hue, a super happy colour! Fuchsia is passionate and energetic, its positive, inspiring and warm. Fuchsia is not a subtle colour, it aims to wow. Therefore in interior design, fuchsia is a great feature colour, to add

Feature Property in Hamilton South

A stylish new renovation merging the timeless charm of its era with the desire for modern comforts and functionality has transformed this double front This has to be one of Team Silk's favourite properties  to work on this month! 18 Darling Street Hamilton South. A stylish new renovation merging the timeless charm

Silk Home, Dream Home for a Large Family

This was a huge project! There were three living spaces, a dining room and a master bedroom that needed to be designed for a large family, while their dream home was being built. The parents loved everything classy – glitz and glamour! But, their elegant style needed to be family friendly

Top 5 Professional Home Stager

We at Silk Home are incredibly excited and proud to share with you that Naomi Findlay, our owner and creative director, was awarded the title of "International Top 5 Professional Home Stager" during a recent trip to Dallas, Texas! Naomi was a keynote speaker at the Home Staging Summit held

Blue love

Blue is a colour that speaks of calm and relaxation. It is a cool colour and reflects freedom. There are so many shades, tones and hues of blue, ranging from grey blues to purple, to royal blues to aqua. Shades from pale to electric to moody. Blue is the most popular colour

How to Sell an Open House

5 Top Tips for an Open House That Sells! Everyone wants a profitable and quick home sale, instead of one that lasts for months, or even years. For potential buyers to feel a connection to the house, it is vital that they can imagine themselves living in the home. Neutralising the colour