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Yellow love

Yellow is uplifting and cheerful, it is an inspiring and bright colour.

There are many shades of yellow, all as inspiring and creative as each other. Lemons, mustards, bright yellows and pastels.

In interiors, yellow can create balance and warmth especially. Its very fresh and positive when being featured as lemon, pastel or bright yellow. Mustard yellows with deeper hues seem to create a mystery and sophistication.

Yellow is used commonly as feature colours in variously different styles of interiors like industrial, Scandinavian, modern, retro and eclectic.






Traditional Living Rooms

Traditional Living Rooms


Although there has been a recent trend towards creating open plan living spaces and disregarding the traditional face of a living room, there is definitely still a market for traditional living rooms.

In older homes, traditional living rooms are often key features can can withstand the trends of time and always look new. There is just something about traditional living spaces that create a warm and inviting feeling in the home unlike more modern homes where everything is open.

Fireplaces, although not in all traditional living rooms, are still common today and make a great feature piece in the room. These classic pieces can act as the key feature in the living room, especially if the room has a neutral colour scheme.

The use of blue accessories such as pillows, throws and rugs or even lounges are great to make the room feel even more homely and comfortable.

As traditional living rooms can often feel closed in and small, making sure the room has ample lighting is of utmost importance. Having large windows, lights and lamps are great ways you can open up the space and create the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. This is further enhanced by a neutral colour scheme with blue accessories as these shades also allow the room to look bigger.

Adding wall art is another great way to make a traditional living room look more modern. Wall art can act as a major feature piece, especially if you don’t have a fireplace or the room is neutral toned. The wall art can add an element of interest to the space and can bring the whole room together with a range of colours and textures.

We’ve put some of our favourite traditional living spaces we staged in 2015 in this post. What one is your favourite?

Donald st Downstairs Living

Beautiful rustic chic

Textures timbers and neutral tones are key elements of rustic chic interior design.

This style is all about texture and colour – particular pieces can vary from many other design styles. French provincial, vintage, Scandinavian, industrial and retro are some popular interior design styles that go hand in hand with rustic chic.

Elements like Aztec cushions, metal lamps, glitzy chandeliers and vintage suitcases are just some examples of items that can bring life and style into a rustic chic design, from other styles.

Rustic chic design is releasing, calming and welcoming. This style is all about perfect imperfection and telling a story, hence its beauty and popularity.






Guest Bedroom

Often overlooked, guest bedrooms tend to either feel completely untouched and bare or they double as storage room for things you only use once a year, like a Christmas tree!

Seeing as the guest bedroom is one of the most unused rooms in the house, this is understandable. Who really cares what the room looks like if no one is going in it?

Unfortunately, the poor neglected guest bedrooms can look bare and disconnected to the rest of the house when it comes to selling the house too. Leaving it likes this can stagger the house and disrupt the flow that is going on in the rest of the house.

Unlike styling your own room where you can truly let your style run wild, guest bedrooms work best when they are neutral toned and simple, but still homey!

Having a blank canvas so to speak with neutral toned furnishings mean that you can implement your creative side in terms of accessories. Wall art, bedside tables, candles, lamps and rugs are easy ways to transform a room from seeming unloved to giving the room a lived, homey feeling.

Bright pops of colour can also make the room feel more inviting and exciting. Pillows are the easiest way to input colour into a guest bedroom as the main feature of the room is the bed.

It is important for the guest bedroom to look open and bright, so open windows and blinds are a great way to achieve this. This further increases the homey feeling as the room is likely to connect with the rest of the house in this way.

Here are some of our favourite guest bedrooms from 2015!

As you can see, a variety of styles and trends do determine the rooms appearance but they all look cosy, lived in and loved. This is achieved by bright, open windows, neutral coloured furnishings and bright accessories.

Retro Spaces

Retro interior design – groovy colours and patterns.

Orange timber furniture, tapered legs, curves, bright pops of colour, crazy floral patterns and shag rugs.

The retro 60’s era was also the era of designer furniture – Eames, Noguchi, Thonet Bentwoods, Le Corbusier, Xavier Pauchard, Hans Wegner, are just a couple of designs/designers that had a huge impact on retro design.

The retro style can be combined with modern interior design – modern retro. Tapered legs, curved pieces of furniture, and retro patterned prints and fabrics are used in modern retro, but combined with current colour trends. Replacing bright orange, yellow, purple, hot pink and browns with trending colours such as mint greens, turquoise, mustard yellow and neutral tones.

Retro interior design is fun and quirky and versatile – do retro your way!






Orange love

Orange is a colour that speaks of adventure and energy. It is a warm colour that reflects positivity.

Orange is not a subtle colour – it draws attention to itself and is poppy!

The orange colour spectrum is large and varied, from pastels and peaches to deep burnt oranges.

Orange is a colour that is heavily influenced by the interior design style it is being featured in. Orange will bring a positive warmth into every space. It can have a fun energy when used in eclectic, quirky, Scandinavian, retro interiors, and yet a more sophisticated appeal when paired in traditional, contemporary and industrial interiors.

Orange is a stimulating colour that never goes unnoticed!






Make Your House Perfect for an Open House

Tying up all the loose ends before an open house is critical. Finishing touches can make a world or difference for potential buyers.


First impressions are the ones that last. Check out Naomi’s tips for how to make your house prefect for an open house inspection here

Silk Home, Modern Retro Design

A young family, a professional couple with two young children, had purchased a property and were at the time, in the middle of renovations. The couple had already purchased a beautiful leather lounge and tin coffee table from their previous property, and from the design style exercises we completed with them, we were able to determine that they loved retro styling, but with a modern twist.

From here, we selected modern/retro pieces, including lots of timber. We also added a fresh pop of yellow into the spaces for a touch of modern personality!

Modern retro dining space Modern retro lounge space


Metallic love

Gold, silver, brass, bronze, pewter, copper… Metallics are the hottest interior design trend circulating right now! The most subtle hint of metallic can bring a touch of elegant glamour into any interior.

It’s sophisticated and classy and brings a feeling of value and expense to a space, no matter what interior design style you are trying to achieve, whether it be industrial, Scandinavian, retro, French provincial, traditional, contemporary, oriental, Hampton’s, etc.

1920’s interior design is renowned for the use of metallics. Knows as the “Great Gatsby era”, metallics are featured as bold statements of glamour. Metallics in this era and style, are combined with heavy patterns and intricately detailed pieces of furniture and accessories – the upmost statement of elegance and class!

Some metallics can add a layer of warmth to an interior with copper, brass and gold. Finishes such as pewter and silver are cooler tones and mirrored finishes add the glitz and glamour.






First Impressions Count

The doors to your home reveal your personal interior style to the outside world, and can say a lot about who you are. No matter if your style is modern, traditional, architectural, country or insanely stylish, what’s behind your front door says it all.

We hear it all the time, ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover!’ but, due to the society we live in, chances are we do judge the book by it’s cover, even when we don’t realise that we are.

The same goes for houses. The presentation of your house can make or break what others may think of you.

What do you think when someone has an overgrown and messy lawn?

The exterior of your home should say something simple. Fresh, neat and de-cluttered is best. But once you guest is at your front door, the entry way is the next thing that needs attention.

Once your guest is through your front door, you should make sure the environment they are entering is comfortable and inviting. Normally, entrance areas/hall ways are neglected as everyone is usually rushing through them! Try not to forget about your entrance area, it’s the best place to set the vibe of your home and make a statement at a cheap price. It could be the best place for a lovely side table to store your keys and mail, to hang up some awesome photos, a feature piece or all the above!

It is super important to remember when you are making a statement to make it continuous. There’s no point having a chic black and silver hallway if you can see the bright blue bedrooms off it. It’s all about making your home feel like a connected and cohesive home rather than a whole bunch of different homes mashed together in an incoherent jumble.


Make all your guests jealous of the awesome entrance way with a fantastic first impression!