What is E staging?

Home staging or pre-sale property styling is not yet readily available in all areas of Australia or all countries internationally. E-staging is a great way to get personalised advice on your property wherever you are, via the internet, with detailed instructions on how you can give your home the best chance of achieving maximum sale price in the quickest possible timeframe. This is regardless of the location of the property.

This online service includes a personalised assessment and recommendations for how you can make changes to your property and instantly increase its value and salability. E-staging is also ideal for busy people that need help with their property delivered straight to their inbox.

Rates and pricing

Rates and pricing vary depending on the size of the property and scope of the assessment and report required.

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If your property does not fit into one of these service packages or you would like a tailored quote please Click Custom Service and complete the short survey to let us know what you need and we will get back to you within 24 Hours with a custom service just for you.

How does it work?

Buy NOW option –

  1. Choose the service that suits you and proceed to the checkout to complete your purchase.
  2. In the product description you will see links to two documents, which contain the details of your e staging pack. Download these files.
  3. This will contain all the instructions you need, a survey about your property to complete and instructions on the images of your home you need to send us.

Once we have received all of your documents and images we will develop a report and recommendations for you to follow in preparing your property for sale. This will then be delivered to your inbox within 2 working days.

Custom Service

Click the Custom Service button and complete the short survey about your property. Once you have received and accepted the rates and pricing package we email you, we will then send out the documents and links as described above.

More Information

View our success stories here to learn more about how home staging can help you maximise your sale price and cut the length of time you are on the market

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