There’s More to Sales Than Just Staging

Yes, staging your home and putting time and effort into making your home look and feel awesome! But all your hard work could go to waste if the selling element isn’t up to scratch.


Your real estate agent is the one who is going to sell your house – all your hard work goes into their hands. This is why it is important for you to have the right agent! When you are picking your real estate agent, it’s up to you to make sure your agent is:

  • A people person: your agent has to be friendly and approachable. The vendor and buyer must be led through the transaction in a smooth and stress-free way!
  • Honest: you need an agent who is willing to keep you up to date with your sale. Bad news needs to be told and fixed, this is super important!
  • People reader: your agent needs to tell you what they are thinking – if no one is looking into buying your house or if loads of people are interested in the house.  It’s all about communication!

Young designer noting ideas of new project

Your real estate agent having these skills will make or break your selling process! Look for a proactive agent!



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Naomi is the creative director of Silk and the founder and principle educator at the International Institute of Home Staging (IIHS). Combining her passions for interiors and real estate, Naomi thrives on styling great spaces for clients selling or staying in their property. Her stylish, unique and simple styling system led to her becoming an author of the book Ignite Your property Mojo and regular feature writer for