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We at Silk Home are incredibly excited and proud to share with you that Naomi Findlay, our owner and creative director, was awarded the title of “International Top 5 Professional Home Stager” during a recent trip to Dallas, Texas! Naomi was a keynote speaker at the Home Staging Summit held in November 2015, where the award was announced.

Naomi says she is extremely honoured to receive the Award, and it is testament to the strong team she has alongside her at Silk Home. The award comes at a time when Home Staging is becoming recognised as being a strong team member of the real estate industry and property team.

Programs such as The Block on the Nine Network have really helped home owners to not only improve the everyday look and feel of their homes, but importantly they understand the importance of Home Staging and Styling when it comes to selling their property for more.

Naomi and the team at Silk Home have been staging and styling property for over 6 years. Naomi saw a need for education in the Home Staging Industry and due to an increase in awareness of the benefits of staging a property for sale, the International Institute of Home Staging (IIHS) was born.

Naomi and the team at IIHS are currently working to expand the program offering to include programs for everyday people and investors wanting to achieve amazing results when selling their property.

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Naomi is the creative director of Silk and the founder and principle educator at the International Institute of Home Staging (IIHS). Combining her passions for interiors and real estate, Naomi thrives on styling great spaces for clients selling or staying in their property. Her stylish, unique and simple styling system led to her becoming an author of the book Ignite Your property Mojo and regular feature writer for