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Parenting and business - juggling 'babies' for fun & profit: Starting a business is hard, but starting one when you've already started a family can be a real test of dedication to both 'babies'. I've juggled a few things in my life and juggling four wonderful children and a business - a

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An "Inside-er's" Look: How To Increase The Value Of Your Property For Prospective Buyers There are several times when you should actively try to increase the value of your property. While the obvious one is before putting it up for sale, increasing the value of your property to maximise rental yield;

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The Finishing Touches for an Open House Inspection You should always think of the open house as a first date with a prospective buyer: you only get one chance to make a lasting impression. Here is a guide for your vendors on keeping their home show worthy while on the market. While it

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Open house inspections: Applying the finishing touches GUEST OBSERVATION So you've made it to the crucial stage of selling your home: the inspection. Think of the open house as a first date with your prospective buyer, you only get one chance to make a lasting impression. While it is common knowledge to de-clutter and

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Home decorating no-nos Ditch the woodchip wallpaper, cover up your mirrored ceilings and don't even think about commissioning a nude portrait for your wall. These are the top three decorative faux pas, according to a study of prospective home buyers. The UK real estate website Need A Property conducted a "bad taste audit",

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Old, new come together When Naomi Findlay of Silk Home Staging & Styling was approached by a couple to fit out and furnish their apartment in Mayfield, she decided to work with the art deco structure of the building in designing a personable and practical space.... To read more, click here

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Top tips: renovating your investment property for profit Renovating to make profit has quickly become an effective strategy to create wealth for many savvy property investors. However, people with all sorts of qualifications and jobs are now also successfully investing in properties to renovate and sell as a way to "get

I am a regular contributor to The following links are my latest blog posts and articles: How to: Use grey tones to decorate your house Balustrade design tips & inspiration 5 spring season trends to watch for 2014 Decorating a room: where should I start? Decorating with warm & cool colour palettes How to: style

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Opportunities emerge for budding designers as demand for home staging takes off in Australia The International Institute of Home Staging,, which offers the first and only interactive online home staging and property styling courses in Australia, has launched today to help budding designers learn the art and business of making