Additional Services

Additional Services offered by SILK HOME™  Staging and Styling include:

Open home styling

Want your property to look its best for an open home inspection? Let our team take care of it for you. The presentation of a property is the deciding factor in getting the best price it can offer. We can assist in providing finishing touches to your property on the day of the inspection as well as giving your home more pre-sale TLC if needed.

 – from $80


Hands on help

If you are pushed for time and simply want some expert help in completing the tasks needed to get your home ready for the market, let us give you a hand. Think of us as your own expert personal assistant that takes care of all aspects of property preparation and presentation.

 – from $150


Bring in the A-team

When preparing your property for sale, attention to detail is everything. SILK HOME™  Staging & Styling can manage your property preparation for you using their associated teams of trades, cleaners and gardeners. We’ll save you time and bring you the best cleaners, tradespeople and gardeners, and can even coordinate the projects for you.

 – pricing tailored to each project


Furniture and Accessory Hire

For those wanting to sell a new or vacant property, follow the lead of the show homes and make your new property stand out from the rest. SILK HOME™ can organise and install an entire or partial house of furniture from our impressive range of hire inventory.  You can also, if you wish, hire accessories form our extensive range of modern and traditional items to add those finishing touches to your home and existing furniture.

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