Quarterly Blog Review

The time has come again for another quarterly blog review! We hope you all have been loving the blogs being published. This last quarter we have had everything from specific advice regarding staging to colour to how to stage different rooms.


“Yellow Love”

It is completely obvious to us as to why this is a favourite blog…who doesn’t love yellow? Not only does the colour make you happy but it also adds a pop to any space and can help in opening up the room. Yellow doesn’t always have to be as bright as what you might think as well. It is a great colour that doesn’t go out of fashion and will always look modern.

Image Source: Bloglovin'

Image Source: Bloglovin’

“The Magic of Lighting”

Lighting really does have the power to completely transform any space. Lighting can be used for a variety of situations too, no matter if it is to set a mood or to just make your life a little bit easier, lighting is a great way to achieve these goals.


Styled by Silk Home

“Transitional Living Room”

The rise of transitional living rooms is among us and there is no denying how much easier this trend can make your life, staging wise. Transitional living rooms allow for more variability in design as there are no set layout for what is the dining room and what is the living room, for example.

Styled by Silk Home

Styled by Silk Home

“Traditional Living Room”

On the other hand, traditional living rooms are still extremely common in properties so it makes sense that our traditional living room blog is also popular. Traditional living rooms create a cozy atmosphere which is more difficult to achieve with a transitional or open plan living room. Nevertheless, traditional living rooms are a key area of interest as they are so common.

Styled by Silk Home

Styled by Silk Home


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