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How to Style Your Rental Property

When renting, it is easy to fell like you are living in someone else’s house, and technically, you are. You don’t have to feel like an outsider in your rental property, though. Adding your own style and elements to make the space feel like home is a great way to help

Transitional Living Rooms

Transitional living rooms are the perfect combination between traditional and modern living spaces. While these living rooms encompass the key elements of the traditional living room, making the space seem as homely as possible, transitional living rooms are more open plan, bring and contemporary. With large windows, multiple light textures and


Vignettes are small arrangements of bits and pieces in coffee tables, book shelves, benches and anywhere else that are placed in specific places with specific items to bring texture and warmth to a room. The ways in which vignettes are arranged is not random, in order to have a successful and

Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms can be tricky. Sure, you spend a lot of time in there, but for most people, the majority of that time is spent sleeping. It's for this reason that many people have a complaisant attitude when it comes to the master bedroom, which is totally understand about. Who

Open Plan Spaces

Open plan living spaces seem to be a recent phenomenon in the architecture industry, and so they should be! They bring people together and can be used as a space for everyone and everything instead of leaving set activities to set rooms. Unlike older houses where it is clear what room

The Wonders of Wall Art

All shapes and sizes, textures, colours, patterns and styles! Wall art can make a statement in any space, whether the aim is to add a pop of colour to a room or blend in harmoniously with the other décor and styling. There are so many unique styles of wall art –

Entertaining DIY Table Settings

These Great DIY ideas will make your table settings look quirky and individual when entertaining. Recycled materials such as old cans or tins to display flowers are a great way to add colour to the table. Natural timbers, which can be found in your backyard will add that rustic charm. If

Creative Wall Art

Have you ever thought about decorating your walls with something other than canvases or frames? We have stumbled across these beautiful plates from Crate & Barrel that you can use as wall art!! Choose from many amazing patterns and shapes from the Paola Navone Collection – they look perfect for

What Sized Floor Rug?

One major part of styling that often gets overlooked is flooring… Why does the floor have to miss out on being decorated? One of the most popular and effective ways of styling a floor is by using a rug. Here are some top rug tips that will help balance with

Creative Cushioning!

Cushions – so many different colours, shapes and patterns!! There are endless possibilities when decorating with cushions – and sometimes that is the definition of the problem! Where do I start when I’m styling my lounge or bed with cushions? The first thing to consider is your surroundings! Do you have