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There’s More to Sales Than Just Staging

Yes, staging your home and putting time and effort into making your home look and feel awesome! But all your hard work could go to waste if the selling element isn’t up to scratch. Your real estate agent is the one who is going to sell your house – all your

Self-Preparation for your First Open House

The first open house has the power to make or break how potential buyers can view your home. First impressions last, and you want to make the best first impression possible, right? Here is a list of ‘must do’s’ for the first open house! Get cleaning! A job that is usually procrastinated

Great Tip from realestate.com.au

Are you a potential home buyer who is always flicking through newspapers and browsing homes on the internet? Check out http://www.realestate.com.au/buy for loads of homes whether your looking to buy, rent or put your home on the market! You can even save OFI and auction times to your very own

A chance to own a Tsar

A floor rug is one of those accessories that can sometimes be overlooked and is often used as functional piece in a room. However a large floor rug can be a real feature in a room and due to their size have more impact that wall art in some cases. For

Great Linen Sale – Aura

Whilst trying hard to focus and get some work done, I keep being drawn back to the Aura Home Sale webpage http://www.aurahome.com.au/sale/bed-linen . I can’t help but cruise through the pages of fantastic linen, look at the great prices and convince myself that there would be room for