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There’s More to Sales Than Just Staging

Yes, staging your home and putting time and effort into making your home look and feel awesome! But all your hard work could go to waste if the selling element isn’t up to scratch. Your real estate agent is the one who is going to sell your house – all your

Self-Preparation for your First Open House

The first open house has the power to make or break how potential buyers can view your home. First impressions last, and you want to make the best first impression possible, right? Here is a list of ‘must do’s’ for the first open house! Get cleaning! A job that is usually procrastinated

Property Observer

Open house inspections: Applying the finishing touches GUEST OBSERVATION So you've made it to the crucial stage of selling your home: the inspection. Think of the open house as a first date with your prospective buyer, you only get one chance to make a lasting impression. While it is common knowledge to de-clutter and

Selling your home – Things that buyers don’t want to see

It is an extremely difficult task to ignore personal connections and memories to your home whilst it is on the market… Along with sometimes changing the appearance of your surroundings. These are some things that potential buyers do not want to see. The personal connections to your home are best removed

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How to Optimise Space in a Studio Home stager Naomi Findlay offers her five top tips for buyers and sellers. The demand for studios continues to skyrocket and when you consider the increasing cost of property and the impressive rental yields studios are fetching, it's no wonder they are popular with investors

Smart Property Investment

I am a regular contributor to Smart Property Investment (SPI). The following links are my latest blog posts and articles: 6 key considerations when flipping a property What your kitchen tap says about you A renovation with an ROI to boot Choosing the right agent to sell your home Save money with the right paint Why